Jax Teller, Sons of Anarchy Club President

SPOILER ALERT! If you’re unfamiliar with Sons of Anarchy or haven’t caught up with the latest season yet, but intend to watch all the episodes- this might spoil it a bit for you.

To say that I am still reeling from Tara Knowles’ brutal death last season on Sons of Anarchy doesn’t suffice. My grief won’t bring her back. Our tears and broken hearts won’t do her any justice. The bad ass surgeon with the most composed sense of normality and goodness out of the whole bunch will be sorely missed. Albeit, not even the depth of appreciation I had for Dr. Tara Knowles aka Mrs. Jax Teller comes close to the outrage and disgust I feel toward that matriarch from hell, Gemma Teller.

RIP Tara Knowles. We miss you terribly!

After six (6) tempestuous seasons, Sons of Anarchy has commenced its seventh and final installment on FX network. Based on the Shakespearean play HAMLET, the characters and plot of Sons of Anarchy revolve around family, politics, friends, love, loyalty, death, murder, get the picture. Now that the final season has come, I don’t want it to end. I can’t imagine how it will end. How else can it end but in blood, death, and pain like it did for most of our beloved (and hated) characters? Opie, Donna, Piney, Hale, Stahl, Clay, and the list goes on. What do you think will happen this season? How will the story of Jax Teller and Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original (SAMCRO) end?

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For so long, Jax has struggled with his actual choices and his desire to fulfill his father’s vision for their family and the motorcycle club. It was the desire to lead the club into legitimate and non-violent avenues of making a living; the desire to lead a “normal” and happy family life. Oh, how fleeting life’s simple desires can be, wouldn’t you agree?

“…to thine own self be true” – Polonius

Now that his own violent and sinister lifestyle has made its ultimate mark and killed the love of his life, what else does he have to live for? Well, we can argue that he has his mother, his sons, and his club to live for. But, judging by the way the story is developing in Season 7, it seems that Jax has lost all hope and become a nihilist. If Jax is a hopeless, soulless, trigger-happy, death-dealing nihilist now, what will become of him and his world when he finds out that:

  1. Gemma Teller (his mother) killed Tara Knowles (his wife) DEATH BY MEAT FORK
  2. Juice (club member) is complicit in the murder of Tara Knowles, along with other traitorous acts against SAMCRO
  3. Gemma Teller is complicit in the murder of John Teller (his father) DEATH BY MOTO “ACCIDENT”


I’ve got to give it to Katey Sagal for portraying such an odious harpy. I’m amazed at how an airheaded, bimbo housewife (PEGGY in Married…with Children) could morph into the foul and psychotic succubus that is Gemma Teller. There are some people in this world that are rotten human beings. Gemma Teller is one of them. At first, you sympathize with her. You understand where she’s coming from. She loves her family to death (pun intended) and does outrageous things to “protect” and “care” for them. Her actions are those of a protective and loving mother. Right? WRONG! Gemma’s role as a mother doesn’t justify her protective actions because they are grave sins against humanity. A heinous criminal is a heinous criminal, I don’t care whose mother she is. She’s an evil bitch. There’s nothing more to it. But I do love Katey Sagal for doing such an amazing job!

Gemma Teller


Before we fret over who’s going to die when and how, let’s put it all on the table first. Here are my predictions:

  1. Juice will die. I think we all know that. At first, Juice will consider taking his own life. He has attempted suicide at least once before (hanging, pill overdose). If he can gather the balls to show his face to the club, he will go to them and accept his fate. But, before the reaper snatches him away, he will do the honorable thing of telling Jax the truth about his wife’s true murderer. I have a feeling the club will cover this one up by staging it a suicide.
  2. Gemma will have to choose between Unser and Nero. After Jax finds the truth, he will not directly harm his own mother. Instead, he will give her a taste of her own medicine. He will erase one of the two “good” loves in her life. He will make her choose between Unser and Nero, two men that love Gemma very much. Gemma will choose Unser, because she’s not in love with him like she is with Nero AND having Unser erased will be like erasing the last trace of her lies about John Teller (JT).
  3. Unser will reveal the truth about Gemma’s connection with John Teller’s murder. Before Jax pops a cap in his ass, he will have a talk with Unser about how he has no choice but to settle things this way, aside from the fact that he has cancer and may die anyway. Unser will say that before the reaper snatches him away, he must come clean about his own connection with John Teller’s death. He will expose Gemma’s lies to the fullest and add fuel to Jax’s fire.
  4. A SOA rival or enemy will retaliate and fatally hurt Gemma. Thanks to all her shady schemes and dirty deeds, Gemma will actually get back some of what she deserves. She will be critically hurt in an ambush or car accident orchestrated by an enemy of SOA (take your pick- the Mayans, Chinese, Marks). On her hospital deathbed, Jax will reveal all his knowledge of the truth. He will “disown” her as his mother and vow to never speak her name to his children. He will guarantee that nobody goes to her funeral or remembers her. Gemma will be bereft of all that she treasures most. She will die alone.
  5. Jax will die. Suffice it to say, his deeds and lifestyle will catch up to him as well. Like Gemma, he will be ambushed, tortured, or gunned down by an enemy gang. His dying wish will be for Bobby to take the reigns of the club and finish what he started but couldn’t bring to fruition, to realize his father vision of their beloved club. He will ask him to ensure his children’s wellbeing in the future. He will also die happy knowing that his children do not have to grow up with a murderous and wicked father. Bobby will promise to do just that.


Watch the latest episodes of Season 7 for free. Click HERE.


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